Afrofuturist Writer Sheree Renée Thomas

I Felt Like I Was Going to See an Alien at Any Moment

Sheree Renée Thomas is a Memphis-based fiction writer, poet, and editor. Her work is inspired by myth and folklore, natural science, and the genius of the Mississippi Delta. Among other works, she wrote the fiction collection Nine Bar Blues: Stories from an Ancient Future, and edited the World Fantasy Award-winning anthologies Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora and Dark Matter: Reading the Bones. Before the Zócalo/Experience ASU event “How Should We Prepare for the Aliens to Arrive on Earth?,” she sat down in our green …

Where I Go: Afropalonia | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Where I Go: Afropalonia

Writer and Poet Rashaad Thomas Imagines 'a Planet Only for Black People'

eath sits next to me, hip bones touching mine on a twin bed in the center of a revolving room in Arizona that’s progressively increasing in speed. Frequency numbers, lifeless …