Change in Iran; Stagnation for the American Middle Class

Jake Sullivan on Post-Nuclear Tehran and Reid Cramer and Jason DeParle on the Ongoing U.S. Inequality Debate

Jake Sullivan, Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser and a key engineer of the Iranian interim nuclear deal, talks with Anne-Marie Slaughter about the most overlooked lever for changing policy in Iran–and sheds light on the administration’s long-term strategy. Reid Cramer, director of the New America Foundation’s Asset Building Program, and Jason DeParle, a New York Times writer and New America fellow, explain to Andrés Martinez, New America editorial director and Zócalo senior editor, what’s missing from the inequality debate, and point to policies that can narrow the divide.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying, Love China, and Be OK With Spying

Charles Kenny on the Myth of American Decline and Kevin Bankston and Katherine Mangu-Ward on Obama and the NSA

Economist Charles Kenny, currently a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, explains to Anne-Marie Slaughter why a rising China is something Americans should embrace rather than fear. Kevin …

Reforming Immigration and Education

Former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl on Ending the Debate Over Immigration and Wendy Kopp and Kevin Carey on Making Great Teachers

Anne-Marie Slaughter talks with former Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl about why 2014 may finally be the year the U.S. solves its immigration reform deadlock. Wendy Kopp, the founder of …

What the Heck is Hamid Karzai Thinking?

Omar Samad and Douglas Ollivant On What’s Ahead for Afghanistan and Its Obstinate President

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is refusing to sign the U.S. peace agreement that outlines the terms of our 2014 withdrawal. What is he thinking, and how will his actions impact …

Reality Checks for Watchers of Journalism and the Middle East

Michel Martin on the State of the News and Leila Hilal and Dina Sherif on Women’s Empowerment

Anne-Marie Slaughter turns the tables on Michel Martin, interviewing the NPR host about the future of journalism—and gets surprising news about changing audience demographics. Leila Hilal, director of New America’s …

Reforms at Home, and Abroad

Hao Wu on the Promise of Transformation in China and Kevin Bankston and Rebecca MacKinnon on Curbing the NSA

Documentarian and New America fellow Hao Wu explains to Anne-Marie Slaughter why the Chinese government has announced a recent slew of economic and social reforms. But he’s not sure they’ll …