Why the U.S. Is So Unfair to Central American Refugees

For Decades, American Foreign Policy Positions Pre-Determined Which Asylum Seekers Get Accepted or Rejected

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement on April 6, 2018 that all unauthorized border crossers will be federally prosecuted might sound like a reversal of U.S. policy. So might his June 11, 2018 decision that being a victim of domestic violence or gang violence generally will no longer be considered grounds for receiving asylum.

But, as someone who has been analyzing asylum since the 1980s, I look at these announcements and see continuity. Sessions’ policies fit a pattern, going back decades, of excluding asylum seekers from Central America from the human …

Why the Tent City for Children Is a Concentration Camp

The Mass Detention of Civilians Without Trial Is a Modern Military Tactic That Targets the Most Vulnerable

What does it mean that the United States of America is taking children from their parents and detaining them in camps?

News of a tent city dedicated to holding children …