The Art of the Golden State Warriors

Their Winning Games Are Moving Masterpieces That Can Be Revisited Again and Again

During an early round of the current NBA playoffs a couple weeks ago, my family’s favorite team, the Golden State Warriors, had an idle evening. Missing the excitement of seeing our squad outplaying an opponent, I suggested to my daughters that we re-watch the game from the previous day. This suggestion provided them—and their mother—proof that I had indeed finally succumbed to senility.

Didn’t I remember watching (and shouting about) the game the night before?

And what, they wondered aloud, could possibly be the point of watching a game, the …

Fielding a Daily Fantasy Sports Team Is No Different Than Playing Online Poker

Websites Like DraftKings and FanDuel Bear All the Hallmarks of Gambling—Including Addiction

Tonight’s NCAA men’s basketball championship will also crown the champion in millions of fantasy pools. As the nation gets ready for the excitement or frustration that this game will bring, …

American Sports Are Making Gains Across the Globe

Basketball Players Like Brazilian League Star Larry Taylor Serve as Unlikely Ambassadors for U.S. Culture

During the Brazilian basketball league’s recent all-star ceremony, held at an upscale lounge in São Paulo, Larry Taylor climbed atop a stage and started rapping his new hip-hop single, “Be …

A Mom’s Descent into March Madness

My Son’s Trip to the Final Four Threw Me—and My Fellow UCLA Parents—Into a Crazy Cross-Country Basketball Odyssey

There’s nothing cool about me.

I’m a 6-foot tall gangly writer who likes to visit museums on vacation. I don’t snowboard, or run extreme triathlons, and I rarely know when …

Your March Madness Office Pools Should All Be Legal

The U.S. Government Doesn’t See It That Way, But Everyone Could Benefit from the $9 Billion Dollars Americans Wager on College Hoops

Roughly 40 million Americans are expected to fill out a total of 70 million brackets and bet $9 billion on March Madness this month, according to data from the American …

Is the Atlanta Hawks’ Racial Quandary America’s Future?

The Central Question of the Coming Decades Is How Whites Will React to Becoming Minorities

It’s not surprising that the release of Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson’s racially provocative e-mail about his team’s fan base didn’t inspire the same level of public outrage as the …