Are Black Dogs Unadoptable?

Rescue Shelters Perpetuate a False Belief that Dark-Coated Animals Are Unwanted

It’s easy to mistake Ozzie as ferocious. His teeth are jagged ivory. His fur is dark as night. But his eyes are the true windows into his soul. Warm, brown, they reveal a kindness that ultimately puts even the wariest houseguest or potential playmate at ease.

Ozzie’s my fourth black dog. Starting with a sweet Labrador mix in childhood, I have nurtured a love affair with dark-coated canines for decades. I’m not alone in this bias; Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club, and …

A Color That Is Anything but Neutral

From Puritan Industrialists to Pro-Slavery Propaganda, Black Has Accumulated Contradictory and Controversial Associations

Black may be a color, but it’s not just a color.

Panelists at a lively Zócalo/Getty “Open Art” event at the Getty Museum explored the hue’s often contradictory and controversial …