A Mexican Cultural Center That Builds Bridges, Not Walls, With the U.S.

Tijuana’s CECUT Draws Southern Californians by Programming with Cross-Border Appeal

Each culture absorbs elements of cultures near and far, but afterward it is characterized by the way in which it incorporates those elements.
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It seems that talking about borders and walls in these times is much more common than talking about bridges, alliances or free trade among the nations of the world.

However, for the city …

If You Want Strawberry Fields Forever, You Need Migrant Labor

A Year-Round Supply of Low-Priced Food Demands Seasonal Workers Free to Cross Borders

Two hundred years ago this year, British economist David Ricardo published his monumental work “On The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation.” In it he outlined a theory of international …

The British Are Anchored by an Islander Mentality

Unlike Mainland Europeans, My Country Can't Just Imagine Its Borders Away

“You’re abroad then?”
“Well I’m in Berlin. I’m an hour and a half away.”
“We can’t put you up for a job when you’re abroad.”
“What if I was in …

Welcome to California (Not!)

The Golden State's Four Borders Tend to Make the Other Side Look Better

You can’t define an entire state by its borders. And that’s a good thing for California. We wouldn’t much like what our borders say about us.

Take the California-Oregon border. When …

My Big-Box Bookstore Daddy

Borders Books Made Me a Man-and a Mean Hot Cocoa

I hate walking into the Barnes & Noble at The Shoppes in downtown Chino Hills. Every time, a salesperson unenthusiastically asks me if I’ve heard about the Nook, the chain’s …