Seniors Belong on Playgrounds

For Many Southern Californians, the Secret to Eternal Youth Lies in Constant Play

Beth Molnar of Pasadena has been fascinated with figure skating since she was a child. She returned to the sport seriously at 30 and now, at 66, is a regular at the Pasadena ice rink. “If I quit now, I’ll be too old to come back,” she said before a recent practice session.

It’s hardly news that staying active is one of the best things anyone—and especially seniors—can do for their health and overall well-being. Writing about the findings of a Journal of Physiology study published earlier this year, The …

Can California’s Youngest Minds Help Fix the Drought?

How A State-Wide Contest for Kids on Water Conservation Opened the Floodgates For Creative Ideas

While the actions of adults on water conservation will determine our fate, making kids aware of water and the drought is important too.

At the California Arts Council, we noticed …

Who Are the Homeless People in My Library?

A Fresno Librarian Made a Documentary to Get More Than a Glimpse at the Lives of Patrons She Serves Every Day

Several years ago, when I first began working as a librarian at the Central Library in downtown Fresno, I escorted a daily customer named James toward the door at closing …

What Would Happen If We Put Teachers in Charge of School Reform?

Innovations Like New Standardized Tests and Merit Pay Distract Those of Us Who Are Trying to Make Real Change in the Classroom

Being a teacher has always been a challenge. It is a much greater challenge in the era of “reform.” It has been infuriating to read all the silliness, even worse …