Visalia Opera Founder Rosalinda Verde

She Likes Singing in Empty Theaters and Indulging in a Good Steak

Rosalinda Verde is the founder of Visalia Opera. Before participating in a panel on the role the arts play in building communities, Verde talked about mariachi, rock, and opera–as well as an encounter with Ryan Seacrest before he was famous–in the Zócalo green room.

Arts Consortium of Tulare County’s Caroline Koontz

Making Grilled Cheese between Calls from Her Board Treasurer

Caroline Koontz is director of Tulare County’s Arts Consortium. Before participating in a panel about the role arts play in building communities, Koontz sat down in the Zócalo green room …

Singing Harmony with Buck Owens

There’s Nothing Quite Like Taking the Stage at Bakersfield’s Crystal Palace

I have been singing ever since I can remember. Growing up in Bakersfield, I sang three times a week in church, and, at home, my dad would play the guitar …

How Dare You Call Californians Flaky?

Sure, We’ll Bail On You Without Warning. That’s Because We’re Too Busy Supporting You.

As a rule, Californians shouldn’t have too many East Coast friends, and we should never listen too closely to the ones we do have. East Coasters know little about California …