The Car Is Not Dead

But the Car of the Future Is Something Entirely Different—and Only One of Many Ways We’ll Be Getting Around

Don’t sell your car just yet—but be prepared to get to where you’re going in a lot of different ways. This was the conclusion of a discussion about car culture co-presented by Metro in front of a large crowd at MOCA Grand Avenue.

Automobile Magazine editor-in-chief Mike Floyd, the evening’s moderator, offered a preview of what was to come by explaining how each panelist had gotten to the downtown L.A. venue: One person walked, one took the bus, one mapped out the side streets, and another drove—and got caught in traffic.

That …

When Teenagers Stopped Necking at the Drive-In

Southern California Spurned Its Drive-In Theaters Decades Ago. But Is It Ready to Resume the Love Affair Between Cars and Movies?

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