Whoa—a Jesuit Pope!

This Unprecedented Milestone Is Very Welcome—and Not Just For My Religious Order

The new pope is a Jesuit! The first ever. That’s quite good (and surprising) news for the Society of Jesus, but more importantly for the church. And what a name! The decision by Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires to take the name Francis is rich in symbolism. The new pope chose to recognize the transformative spirit of the little saint from Assisi who left his privileged background to live in evangelical poverty. If Pope Francis, 76 years young and the first pope in more than 1,000 years to …

Cardinals, Don’t Squander This Conclave

With a Professional Facilitator, Flip Charts, and Breakout Sessions, You Could Put the Church On a Much Better 500-Year Path


To: The College of Cardinals

From: Kristin Cobble

Re: Designing a Smarter Conclave

I’m not a cardinal or a Catholic. And I’m from California, so I don’t spend a lot of time at …

The Cult Of Priestly Celibacy

For Over 1,500 Years, the Catholic Church Has Found Virtue In Extremes of Self-Denial. It’s Time To Become More Human.

If one argues that priestly celibacy is unnatural, Vatican officials should not complain, since they claim, or even boast, that it is a supernatural sign for others. The priest points …