A Priest. A Nun. And Me.

My Parents’ Relationship Has Always Been a Mystery to Me. It Was Also a Miracle.

Anyone can spend a lifetime trying to understand his parents. But mine might require eternity. My dad was a priest and my mom was a nun. They met, fell in love, left the church, married, had two children, and after 15 years, decided to divorce.

I don’t remember who first told me about how they met, whether it was my mom or dad, but from age nine I could picture it easily, indelibly: It looked like the cover of a Harlequin romance. My mother was a young nun who had fled …

Whoa—a Jesuit Pope!

This Unprecedented Milestone Is Very Welcome—and Not Just For My Religious Order

The new pope is a Jesuit! The first ever. That’s quite good (and surprising) news for the Society of Jesus, but more importantly for the church. And what a name! …

Cardinals, Don’t Squander This Conclave

With a Professional Facilitator, Flip Charts, and Breakout Sessions, You Could Put the Church On a Much Better 500-Year Path


To: The College of Cardinals

From: Kristin Cobble

Re: Designing a Smarter Conclave

I’m not a cardinal or a Catholic. And I’m from California, so I don’t spend a lot of time at …

The Cult Of Priestly Celibacy

For Over 1,500 Years, the Catholic Church Has Found Virtue In Extremes of Self-Denial. It’s Time To Become More Human.

If one argues that priestly celibacy is unnatural, Vatican officials should not complain, since they claim, or even boast, that it is a supernatural sign for others. The priest points …