VIDEO: Do Philosophers Have an Obligation to the World?

Charles Taylor on Why Those Who See a Path to Positive Change Must Share It

Philosophy has a reputation for being abstract and analytical, somewhat apart from the world. So we asked Charles Taylor if philosophers have an obligation to the world we live in. After this segment he continued talking about the idea of how our modern selves cope with change and can adapt to new and previously unthinkable concepts. “In the world we’re living in you re-gestalt the way you see things and become a different person,” he said. “It can be done.”

Taylor’s most recent book is The Language Animal, …

Austin Beutner’s L.A. Times Was a Blast from the Past

The Recently Ousted Publisher Sought to Turn the Paper Into a Political Institution, Which Has Long Been an American Tradition

The most important political campaign in California has died prematurely, and without a proper obituary.

That sad fact speaks volumes about the challenges facing our state’s media. Because the deceased campaign …