If You Want to Change L.A., You’re Going to Need Artists

When Policy Making Falls Short, Creativity Is a Catalyst

From giving communities a voice in land use and zoning to creating mutual aid networks, Los Angeles artists and arts organizations are finding ways to imagine a better future for and effect change in the city. How are they accomplishing things that politicians and policy makers struggle with? A panel of L.A. arts leaders and practitioners offered their insights at a Zócalo/LA Commons event that asked, “How Do Artists See the Next L.A.?”

Panelist John Malpede, an artist who founded Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD)—a performance group of people who live …

VIDEO: Do Philosophers Have an Obligation to the World?

Charles Taylor on Why Those Who See a Path to Positive Change Must Share It

Philosophy has a reputation for being abstract and analytical, somewhat apart from the world. So we asked Charles Taylor if philosophers have an obligation to the world we live …

Austin Beutner’s L.A. Times Was a Blast from the Past

The Recently Ousted Publisher Sought to Turn the Paper Into a Political Institution, Which Has Long Been an American Tradition

The most important political campaign in California has died prematurely, and without a proper obituary.

That sad fact speaks volumes about the challenges facing our state’s media. Because the deceased campaign …