Will Los Angeles Tear Down the Walls That Keep It Apart From Latin America?

By Standing up to Trump and Letting People Move Freely, We Could Become a True LA-LA Land

Los Angeles is a great many things, but it is not Latin America.

Such a statement should be as uncontroversial as a map of the Western hemisphere. But today, elite conventional wisdom runs the other way.

Lewis D’Vorkin, the editor of the Los Angeles Times, recently promoted L.A. as “the northern capital of Latin America” in a memo to staff. He may have been repeating a formulation that was employed by organizers of L.A.’s recent bid for the Summer Olympics.

And in its latest Pacific Standard Time series, the Getty Foundation has …

Latino? Sí. Latin American? Not So Much.

A Panel of Angelenos Wrestles with the Changing Identity of Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a Spanish-language name, a distinctly Latino ambience, and a mayor who puffs up with pride whenever he talks about his family’s Mexican roots.

Yet it’s also a …

A Very Cheech Marin Thanksgiving

Stoner, Boy Scout, Yogi, Art Collector—the Actor-Comedian Contains Multitudes

This week, California should give thanks for Cheech.

Richard Anthony Marin deserves our gratitude not just because his new autobiography, Cheech Is Not My Real Name … But Don’t Call Me …