Targeted Education Can Help Dispel the Deadly Myth That Only Light-Skinned People Need Sunscreen

In the U.S., African Americans and Latinos Are Far Less Likely to Survive Skin Cancer Than the General Population

People go to South L.A. for many reasons. We went there to figure out how to get kids to use sunscreen to protect their skin from sun damage.

We’re scholars—Ariella is a UCLA Anderson professor of operations management, while Lance is a medical doctor with an MBA—who are deeply interested in what works, and doesn’t work, when it comes to health education.

One of our focuses has been raising awareness about causes and recognition of melanoma and other types of skin cancers. More than 3.5 million such cancers occur annually in the …

Cruising South Central Avenue

Photographs Capture the Beauty and Change of One of L.A.'s Most Dynamic Corridors

South Los Angeles, a big and diverse place of 30-some neighborhoods, used to be known as South Central. And South Central’s name, while reflecting the geography of South L.A. as …

The Game of Non Existence

Did you ever play at non-existence?

My brother and I taught ourselves to play the game
no one else would’ve shown two kids:

how to lean forward under the counter,
under our …

If Barbie Chang Is More Still

If Barbie Chang is more still than water
            what will happen to her

tumors will they still grow in her if she

Can We Close the Empathy Gap?

Sixth Annual Zócalo Book Prize Winner Sherry Turkle Thinks We Can Learn How to Talk—and Connect—Again as Humans

Zócalo Publisher Gregory Rodriguez said he was terrified as he opened a discussion onstage at MOCA Grand Avenue with MIT’s Sherry Turkle.

It wasn’t, however, because he was moderating in …

Head Start Can Make Entire Families Healthier

Teaching a Culture of Wellness in Classrooms Keeps Kids and Their Parents Out of Emergency Rooms

Head Start is already great at helping kids succeed in life. Now it’s working at helping families become healthier too.

The National Center for Early Childhood Health and Wellness has …