The Aerospace Corporation’s Malissia R. Clinton

I Had to Take the CIA Polygraph Test Twice

Malissia R. Clinton is the senior vice president, general counsel, and secretary of the Aerospace Corporation. Previously, Clinton was the senior counsel for special projects at Northrop Grumman. In advance of the Zócalo event “Is There Still Merit in a Merit-Based System?,” Clinton shared stories in the green room about her green thumb, her namesake, and her time as an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Lie Detector Tests Have Nothing to Do With the Truth | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Lie Detector Tests Have Nothing to Do With the Truth

Federal Agencies Embraced the Polygraph in the 1950s to Reassure the Public That They Could Unmask Spies

Francis Gary Powers had his first polygraph experience right after signing up as a pilot for the CIA’s U-2 program in January 1956. In his memoir, Powers described being called …

UCLA Political Scientist Richard D. Anderson

People Don’t Realize How Circumspect Putin Is

Richard D. Anderson has been a professor of political science at UCLA since 1989 and is the author of multiple books, including Discourse, Dictators and Democrats: Russia’s Place in a …

How Americans Can Keep a Closer Eye on Spy Agencies

Democracy's Checks and Balances Are Catching up With the Shadowy World of Intelligence-Gathering

Since its beginnings, the United States has deployed secret services to advance the nation’s interests. Today, 17 major organizations make up America’s so-called Intelligence Community. From 1787 until 1975, the …