A Funeral Oration for the California Parking Lot

There’s Honor in Anti-Parking Policies—But Killing Off-Street Spaces Also Means Losing Local Revenue, Gathering Spaces, and More

Friends, Californians, fellow drivers, stop honking your horns and lend me your ears.

I come to bury California’s parking lots, not to praise them.

The evil that abundant parking spaces do lives long after the ground is paved over.

So say the honorable officials and wise engineers of California. They tell us that parking consumes huge amounts of property that might be used more productively for business, housing, or transit infrastructure like bus or bike lanes. In L.A. County alone, parking covers 200 square miles. Most parking spaces are empty most of …

What Did It Take to Clean Up South L.A.? $600 Million and Cooperation

Los Angeles Council Districts Banded Together to Attend to the Region’s Needs From Sweeping Alleys to Creating Jobs

As a public works commissioner for the city of Los Angeles, I would always hear residents say, “We pay taxes, why aren’t our trees trimmed, streets cleaned, and sidewalks repaired …

L.A. Only Looks Ugly

Sure, We’ve Got Lousy Public Architecture. But There’s Much More To Appreciate.

Los Angeles is a city of architects but not a city of architecture—not public architecture, anyway. For more than 100 years, its residential designs have been some of the best …