What’s the Difference Between a Fake Hahaha and a Sincere Guffaw?

You’re Not Fooling Everyone With Your Pretend Laughter

Why do we laugh? The obvious answer is because something is funny. But if we look closer at when and how laughter occurs in ordinary social situations, we see that it’s not so simple. For example, speakers tend to laugh more than listeners, and when people laugh together, often nothing was said at all. Depending on the context, laughter can mean all sorts of things, positive and negative. Like most aspects of human behavior, laughter is complicated.

Scientists are learning about not only the ways in which people hear and …

2015 Will Be the Year of the Throwback

From the Bushes and the Clintons to the Telephone, the Old Is New Again

My friend Greg long ago convinced me that instead of a laundry list of resolutions, what we really need every new year is just one catch-all aspirational slogan, more likely …

Were Postcards America’s First Form of Social Media?

Before We Posted Our Family Christmas Photo on Facebook, We Mailed Images of Our Idealized Selves and Lives to the People We Loved

My great-grandmother, who was born in the 1880s, passed away when I was about 11 years old. Looking back, it is fairly obvious now that she was a hoarder on …

It’s Time to Talk About Your Feelings in the Conference Room

It May Sound Silly, But You’ll Have Better Meetings If You Ask Your Colleagues How They’re Doing Before You Get Started

How should you start a meeting?

Some say it’s not how you start but how you finish. As someone who has built a career helping leaders run meetings that are enjoyable …

Will the iWatch Conquer Google Glass?

The Rise and Fall of the Pocket Watch and Wristwatch Offer Some Clues

Several centuries ago, a technological innovation encouraged the development of individual privacy, secrecy, mobility, and connectivity. It was called the pocket. Sewn into jackets, bodices, skirts, and pants, the pocket …

Dear Dying Crackberry, I Haven’t Forgotten Your Pleasures

The Blackberry Was the Most Coveted Workplace Perk I’ve Ever Seen. What Accounts For Its Demise?

I resisted getting my first mobile phone for quite some time—being reachable anywhere, anytime seemed a dubious luxury—but almost as soon as I caved I was once again made to …