It’s Not Easy to Field an Ethical Fantasy Football Team

Why Doesn’t Anyone Know Who the Real Good Guys Are in the NFL?

Most people laughed when I told them that I was only drafting ethical players on my fantasy football team.

Now, three weeks into the season, the laughter has stopped.

I am new to fantasy football, and I was ambivalent when I was asked to participate in a family fantasy football league in early August. At the time, the meager two-week suspension given to Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for domestic violence was weighing heavily on my mind, and I’d just read about Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon’s one-year suspension …

Can We Be Optimistic with Millions Behind Bars?

The Way Americans Talk About Prisons Has Shifted. The Nation’s Policies Have Yet to Catch Up.

Should we be optimistic about the criminal justice and prison systems in America? This was the question Tim Golden, The Marshall Project’s managing editor for investigations and news, posed to …

The Shooting That Didn’t Kill Westwood

The 1988 Murder of Karen Toshima Was Not the Beginning of the End for One L.A. Neighborhood. But It Did Focus the Entire City on the Problem of Gang Violence.

Last year Los Angeles magazine published a list of the “Eight Crimes that Changed L.A.” The names and monikers of the killers and victims composed a grim roll call: The …

Walking Home Alone at Night in Buenos Aires

In Argentina, Like Elsewhere in Latin America, Fear of Crime Is a Way of Life

A debate dominates the end of my dinners at my parents’ house: how to get home? I live a mere seven blocks away, a brief walk across a park. Though …

When L.A.’s Mayors Were Crooks

The Legendary Owner of Clifton’s Cafeteria Fought to Keep the City Clean

Flipping channels recently one night I landed on the 2012 film Gangster Squad. A vague memory of the pre-release studio trailer played in my head, followed by the thought that …

Charlie Beck Can Make Your Parking Tickets Go Away

The Chief of the LAPD Tells All, Or At Least Some, In the Green Room

Charlie Beck has been the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department since November 2009, when he succeeded Bill Bratton. He has been with the LAPD since the late 1970s, …