Baked & Wired (D.C.)

Because They Hold the Nuts

The sweet smell of a bakery accelerates my pulse and propels panic signals to my brain. I’m allergic to nuts. I dream of warm apple pie slices and soft, sprinkled sugar cookies. Bakery staffers usually crush those dreams with a fistful of almonds. Or cashews.

“Does this cupcake have nuts in it? I’m allergic,” I typically ask the clerk at the counter.

“No … it … doesn’t,” he responds slowly, thinking hard. This is not comforting.

“Do you have a list of the ingredients I could look at, just to make sure?” I …

Bako, My Beloved

Outsiders May Scorn My Hometown. But It Is Mine.

The headlights of my father’s car illuminate the road to Meadows Field Airport like something out of a Hitchcock movie. The fog swirls and eddies about us as we move …