Stephen Francis Jones

A Restaurant Architect Who Can Sex Up Dinner Time at the Mall

Having grown up in New Jersey, I’m no stranger to mall dining. In middle school, my friends and I spent many Saturday afternoons consuming pizza slices and garlic knots on our way to (or from) Claire’s Accessories. My grandmother and I shared countless lunches at Bloomingdale’s café, and my brother and I adored cookies from the mall’s Mrs. Fields. All perfectly pleasant dining experiences, but they weren’t hip. So I’m sort of surprised that the architect who designed hip places like Spago Beverly Hills, the original Lucky Strike Lanes, and …

Futurist Syd Mead

The Blade Runner Designer Talks Cars, Sinatra, and Robot Pets

Syd Mead, the man who designed the futuristic world of Blade Runner, is often called a “visual futurist.” He started his career in late-1950s Detroit, where he worked for the …

Life Under Our Despotic Edifice-Drawing Overlords

Do Architects Have Too Much Say Over How We Live?

If you’ve seen neighborhoods razed and replaced by entirely new sorts of structures, you might think it’s all a bit heavy-handed. And one of the key visionaries behind the effort …

Living in a Modern Way

When California Designed the Future

GIs in World War II were urged to consider what their post-war home should be like.


Home is where most Angelenos wanted to live when World War II ended, in a …

If These Walls Could Talk

Photographs and Drawings from Allied Works Architecture/Brad Cloepfil: Occupation


For over a decade, architect Brad Cloepfil and his firm, Allied Works Architecture, have been designing some of the United States’s most influential public, institutional, commercial, and residential buildings. A …