I’m a Rare and Precious Baby. So Pay Me.

California Has a Child Shortage. And This Newborn Can’t Pick Up the Slack All By Himself.

At the moment of my birth—a moment that occurred only last week—I was the most valuable child in the history of California.

That’s not merely the opinion of my proud father, the usual author of this Connecting California column. And that’s not the idle boast of a 7-day-old infant. My value is a hard demographic and economic fact for California—and a huge burden for me.

Few Californians know it, but our state has a shortage of children. California’s birth rate has fallen to 1.94 babies per woman—below the 2.1 babies-per-woman fertility standard …

We’re Still Here, Still Golden

Don’t Believe the Tales of Gloom. Californians aren’t Fleeing.

California, you might think, is a terrible place that people are fleeing from. One reason you might think so is that a cottage industry of pundits, business lobbyists, and politicians …