Euro Woes

Forget about the German-Greek Showdown; Root for the Brits

Germany meets Greece in soccer’s European Championship on Friday, and–given the crisis that ties together their two star-crossed economies–life once more will become the metaphor for sports, and sports for life. The teams will be at the mercy of countless match commentators with 90 minutes to fill and a half-handful of goals to fill it with at best. And don’t think the opportunities for jokes along the lines of “there’s no bailing out this team” or “the goal deficit really needs to be reduced” end this week. Angela Merkel’s side …

Our Braveheart Moment

Scotland’s Desire to Call it Quits and the Future of Social Cohesion in the West

Worried about the fate of the Western world? Then forget about Muslim fundamentalism, and put aside your fear of rampant globalization. But do keep an eye on Scotland.

That’s right, all …

Be Grateful, London

Like It or Not, You Need L.A.'s Help

As some went to Europe to see the living past, so one must visit Southern California to observe the future.
– Alison Lurie.

The rioting, looting and clashes with police in …

My Stiff Upper Lip

A Californian Keeps Calm and Carries On During the London Riots

When I moved to London to attend university, my parents were afraid I’d get caught in an explosion. In my first weeks in London, I saw a polished blonde foam …

No Fairy Tale

William and Kate's Modern Love

As Prince William prepares to take his oath to Kate Middleton on Friday, the ceremony will represent not only a new chapter in his life, but in the history of …