How to Dress Like a TV Writer

Rule Number One: Don’t Wear a Suit

At my first meeting as a professional writer in Hollywood, I did something dumb: I wore a suit. The meeting went poorly, and years later, I still blame the suit.

I didn’t understand that the entertainment industry doesn’t function according to the same conventions of self-presentation that I’d seen my friends follow in other careers. In Hollywood, you weren’t supposed to dress like a lawyer or an assistant professor, or even an advertising copywriter. So, for my next meeting, I corrected. I showed up at the production office in jeans and …

The Stuff Made of Dreams

Virginia Postrel Explains Why We Need Glamour

What defines glamour, and why do we need it? Bloomberg View columnist Virginia Postrel, author of The Power of Glamour: Longing and the Art of Visual Persuasion, offered her thoughts …

I Was a ‘Vogue’ Intern

My Unpaid Internship at Condé Nast Was Brutal. It Was Also Worth It.

“I need you in the office. Now.”

It was 11 … p.m.

“I’m in Claremont,” I said. “I won’t be able to get there until midnight.”

“Perfect, see you in an hour.” Click.

Halfway …

Will the iWatch Conquer Google Glass?

The Rise and Fall of the Pocket Watch and Wristwatch Offer Some Clues

Several centuries ago, a technological innovation encouraged the development of individual privacy, secrecy, mobility, and connectivity. It was called the pocket. Sewn into jackets, bodices, skirts, and pants, the pocket …

Everybody Wins With Fake Birkin Bags

Why Knockoffs Keep Trends Changing and Spur Creativity

We’re in the midst of New York Fashion Week, and the conversation about what we’ll soon be wearing has begun. The festivities even reached L.A. with events like Thursday’s “Fashion’s …