What George Bailey’s Building and Loan Company Can Still Teach Us About Banking

In His Time and Ours, Big Lenders Often Get a Pass, While Small Banks and the Communities They Serve Are Left Vulnerable

The bank run scene in It’s a Wonderful Life always makes me cry real tears. If you care about America, you should love the scene too—and not just because it is a brilliant piece of cinematic storytelling.

The scene unfolds as George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, sets off on his honeymoon in a taxicab, only to realize that depositors have gathered outside a local bank, demanding their money. Instead of continuing on his honeymoon, George hustles to his beloved Bailey Building and Loan, where he finds it closed and hence …

Rely on Angela Merkel; Don’t Rely on the Fed

New York Times Columnist Roger Cohen on Germany’s Election and A Discussion of What’s Next for the U.S. Economy

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen—formerly a Berlin-based correspondent—talks with Anne-Marie Slaughter about Angela Merkel’s victory in Germany and how it will affect the nation’s place on the world stage. New …