Alberto ‘Beto’ Escoto

A Guadalajara Music Legend Keeps On Drumming In Tempe

When Alberto “Beto” Escoto was 5 years old in Guadalajara, he would tap the kitchen tabletop in rhythm with the military band marching down the street. A fork and spoon turned out to be the perfect makeshift drumsticks. The weight of a spoon dropping against a wooden surface made a “THWACK.” The metal fork slapped against a pot of beans with a “DINK.”

“I was born to play the drums,” Beto tells me amid the steam screaming from the espresso machines at Cartel’s in Tempe, Arizona. In between sips of tea, …

All Roads From Phoenix Lead to San Diego

The California Coast Has Always Been Part Of Phoenician History-and Mine

Long before the Interstate 8 connected Arizona and San Diego, there was the Old Plank Road. The name is what it sounds like. Wooden planks provided cars with a way …

Phoenix, My Skin Is Stretching

Why An Arizona Summer Is Like a Minnesota Winter

A hot day can shut down scholastic and extracurricular activities back east. Here in Phoenix, you learn fast that a heat advisory is only issued when temperatures are expected to …

Planting L.A. Seeds in Phoenix

Whichever Way I’m Driving on I-10, I’m Heading Home

My aunt Marta asks, When are you coming back home?

She means Los Angeles: Long Beach, Lynwood, Lakewood, Norwalk, Azusa. L.A. County. She even means Orange County. “Nuestra Señora La Reina …