In Vitro in Vegas

Who Needs a Man to Get Pregnant When You've Got a Lemon Drop Shot in One Hand and a Fertility Shot in the Other?

When people talk about doing shots in Vegas, this isn’t what they have in mind. But on a Tuesday night in July, I sat at the black granite dressing table in a bathroom at the Palazzo, my bikini still damp from the pool, and prepared to jab myself in the abdomen.

I had been thinking about freezing my eggs for a long time. At 38, happily single with a career just starting to take off and a lot of travel in my immediate future, I knew I wasn’t ready to start …

In Praise Of the Male Biological Clock

No One Likes Nature’s Inflexibility, But Maybe Now Young People Will Push to Have Kids-And A Life

When my husband and I had our first child, our son, I had to look up the strangely ominous label I’d read on my chart: “elderly primigravida.” With visions of …