Language is Not Always a Question of Logic

Some people keep artificial plants, others artificial hearts.
Some keep nothing. It does not matter. The truth of the world
has nothing to do with the real. Every day the orange-
yellow-red ball rotates around the earth.
People believed this. Also that you could
fall off the edge of the earth. Also sex with a virgin
cures both the French pox & the Portuguese disease.
Bloodletting outs the poison. Put the scalpel
to the arm, position the special bowl beneath
the wound, catch the red liquid. You could avoid the

The Gift

An L.A. Christmas Story

New York has

Why Can’t Older Californians Act Like Grown-Ups?

While an Aging Generation Has More and More Fun, Young Californians Are Stuck on a Treadmill of Work and Responsibility

At a moment like this, younger Californians should read Mona Simpson.

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What Raymond Chandler Didn’t Understand About L.A.

His Southern California Was About the Darkness Under the Glitz. Mine Is About the Smell of Smog Mixed With Sea, the Gardeners of the San Gabriel Valley, and the Neighborhoods Philip Marlowe Ignored.

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California Needs a New Vision of Its Apocalypse

Why Do Novelists and Screenwriters Keep Rehashing the Same Old Stories of the End Days?

What explains the success of California? Fear of the apocalypse.

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