Both Democrats and Republicans Love ‘Opportunity Zones’—and That’s a Bad Sign

The Policy Delivers Tax Breaks to Wealthy Political Donors but Little to California’s Struggling Communities

Who says California opposes everything the Trump administration does? Our state’s leaders are frantically embracing at least one lousy presidential idea: “opportunity zones.”

Opportunity zones is the term for the hundreds of places in California—some, but not all, impoverished—that have been targeted for tax-advantaged investment under Trump’s 2017 federal tax law. But the name, like pretty much everything else done by the government in Washington, D.C., these days, is profoundly deceptive.

While opportunity zones are billed as a way to strengthen struggling neighborhoods, that is not their fundamental purpose. To …

For California’s New Governor, Big Mistakes Will Lead to Greatness

Gavin Newsom Can’t Make Meaningful Progress on Health Care or Housing Without an Appetite for Risk

Gavin, screw up. Please.

Make mistakes. Big ones. Because the state you’re about to start running needs more screw-ups.

The transition now taking place in the California governor’s office feels both historic …

Fear and Loathing of L.A. and S.F. on the Campaign Trail

Our Gubernatorial Race Could Turn on Which City Californians Resent Most

Which city—San Francisco or Los Angeles—do you love to hate more?

This is shaping up to be California’s question for 2018. Each of the two top contenders for governor is a …

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom

A Man With Fewer Suit Choices Than Barack Obama

When he was elected mayor of San Francisco in 2003, Gavin Newsom, who was 36, was the youngest mayor the city had had in a century. By that time, he …

Gavin Newsom Is Getting Restive

California’s Lt. Governor Takes Himself and California To Task

Californians and their leaders need to move beyond longstanding battles over minor policy changes and begin new, broad debates about how to transform the state’s economy and educational system, argued …