Cough Into Your Droid, Please

What Will Change Most About Our Routine Physicals Over the Next Decade?


Going to the doctor and getting your chest bumped and your arm squeezed might feel reassuring, but the physical, like primary care physicians, is on the wane. The good news is that we’re likely to be a lot better at testing, monitoring, and interpreting the data we get. Gizmos will change the game. In advance of the Zócalo event “How Can Biomedicine Fulfill Its Promise?” three medical professionals offer a forecast of what to expect from the physical of tomorrow.

Say goodbye to the routine physical

What will change most about …

Siri Says You Have Tuberculosis

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Don’t Mind Us Snooping Through Your Genes

What Ethical Challenge Looms Largest As Medicine Rapidly Digitizes?


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How To Avoid Being Scared Half to Death By Genetic Testing

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