Globalization Doesn’t Have to Be a Winner-Take-All Deal

Free Trade Delivers Big Benefits, Panelists Say, but Workers Need Help and Protection

California has benefitted greatly from globalization—from cheap T-shirts, to leaps in technology, to proximity to Asia, to its agricultural exports. Why, then, is it disparaged by political leaders—as dissimilar as President Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders—as a boon to very few, at the expense of most? This was the question at the heart of a lively Zócalo/UCLA event entitled “Does Globalization Only Serve Elites?” before a packed house at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles.

Or, as moderator Steven Greenhouse, a …

Is China Pulling the Plug on Overseas Investment?

Why Beijing Got Cold Feet and Sank a Major Deal to Buy a U.S. Hotel Giant

Every time China appears ready to take (or retake) its rightful place in the global economy, a reminder comes along that this isn’t just another country willing to abide by …