I Feast, Therefore I Am

What's on Our Plates—Foie Gras or Grilled Cheese—Says a Lot About What's in Our Wallets

We shouldn’t let today’s cultural obsessions with health and moderation diminish the pleasure of partaking in feasts that connect us to friends and family, panelists agreed during an “Open Art” event on gluttony co-presented by the Getty at the Redondo Beach Historic Library.

Those panelists—a historian, an author of a book on gluttony, and a well-known chef—argued that feasting helps define us as human. When the moderator, Zócalo Public Square publisher Gregory Rodriguez, posed the question that gave the event its title, “Can Gluttony Be a Virtue?,” the chef, Eric Greenspan, …

Can Gluttony Set You Free?

Indulging in Purposeful Passion or Good Food Can Help You Grow and Even Be Healthier

On the question of excess—of too much food, drink, or anything else—poet William Blake wrote, “You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.”

This bit …