Can We Close the Mortality Gap?

Having Cancer Is Dangerous Enough—But Being Black With Cancer Is Even Deadlier

We don’t know exactly why African-Americans suffer disproportionately from cancer, with higher incidence, morbidity, and mortality rates than other groups. But we do know that many factors—social, environmental, behavioral, and genetic—play a role. At an event sponsored by the California HealthCare Foundation at the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles, a panel of experts discussed clues in the existing research and presented ideas and strategies for African-American communities to prevent and treat cancer more effectively.

Mignonne Guy, a researcher at the Mayo Clinic Arizona, began the conversation by admitting that she didn’t have the …

Cancer Doesn’t Have to Be This Deadly For African-Americans

We Don’t Know All the Causes of Health Disparities Between Blacks and Whites. But We Can Still Remedy Some Obvious Problems.

Doctors and health experts have long known that members of minority groups in the United States tend to have poorer health outcomes than white Americans. I noticed it myself while …