The Secret Is Out, South L.A. Is One of the City’s Hottest Housing Markets

When You Get the Keys to Your Home, You’re Getting Soul, Affordability, and Some Headaches Too

Buying real estate in South L.A. is not as easy now as it used to be. The market is packed with buyers eager to get in on one of the last most affordable, most convenient, and most charming neighborhoods in the city.

I’m a real estate agent in South L.A. The scarcity of inventory has created a seller’s market and left a lot of buyers wondering how they can get their offers accepted among the frenzy. In this market, buyers have to move fast and bid above the asking price to …

South L.A. Is a Story of Both Segregation and Desegregation

Homeownership in the Area Has Been Gaining Since the 1990s, Even as Prosperous Residents Move Out

The first big change in South Los Angeles over the last half-century has been the shift of concentrated black communities westward into newer and better housing. The second big change …

The Surprisingly Modest Start to McMansion Sprawl

Builders Like the Campanelli Brothers Helped Fuel Midcentury Suburban Desire, from Massachusetts to Moscow

After V-J Day—August 14, 1945—millions of World War II veterans came home and began to look for a place to live. New highways, cars, and government-sponsored mortgages encouraged them to …