The “Harmless” Gropings I Endured Were Anything But

An Open Letter of Apology To All Women Who Face Harassment

An open letter of apology to my daughters and all the women coming up after me:

I want to start by saying I’m sorry. I have failed you in a way that only now do I shamefully and truly understand.

I am a 48-year-old woman. A mother. A boss. But because of actions I didn’t take, you’re still getting sexually harassed. You’re still getting belittled. You still have to wrestle away from body-hugs that no male colleague would tolerate. You still have to endure comments about your appearance that make you …

Shot Heard ’Round the Block

Someone Was Nearly Killed Outside My West Adams House. Who Else Noticed?

Last month, I was pulled out of my descent into sleep by a shotgun blast from outside my window. I don’t know how I could tell it was a shotgun, …