Breakfast on the Beach with Dad

The Joys of Early Mornings at Perry’s Café, Before Work

Perry’s at the Beach Café has nine locations throughout Santa Monica and Venice, but I only really like one—and won’t bother going after 10 a.m.

My dad first introduced me to the morning charm of Perry’s one Sunday a few years back. Since then, he makes time once every weekend to drive over and say hi to the ocean. It runs in our blood: visiting the beach, even if just for a few moments, is a cleanse for our brains. After spending the past year land-locked and studying in Arizona, …

I Was Struck by Venice Lightning

My Friends and I Were Relaxing in the Water. Then Our Sunday Afternoon Turned Shocking, Chaotic, and Surreal.

On Sunday afternoon, I was knee-deep in the ocean, right next to the Venice Pier, when the deadly lightning bolt hit the water. This rare bit of weather would kill …