Your Electric Car Isn’t Making California’s Air Any Cleaner

The Environmental Benefits of Rich People’s Teslas Are Canceled Out By All the Gas-Guzzling Clunkers Still on Our Roads

This is a tale of two zip codes.

First there’s 94582: San Ramon, California.

Since 2010, the roughly 38,000 citizens and businesses of this prosperous Bay Area suburb, where the median household income is $140,444, have purchased 463 zero-emissions vehicles. Such vehicles receive major state subsidies; nearly $1 million of these subsidies went to vehicle purchasers in San Ramon. But San Ramon doesn’t need the anti-pollution help. Despite being home to a large highway complex and a business park, the city scores in the cleanest 10 percent of California’s zip codes, according …

Can the Free Market Cure Asthma?

A Group in Fresno Looks to Make Money While Helping Kids Breathe

Is there a profit to be found in reducing children’s asthma attacks? A diverse team of public health advocates, asthma care providers, financiers, and foundations has set up a pilot …

California’s Coast Doesn’t Have a Sustainability Monopoly

How A Brown, Dusty San Joaquin Valley Town Is Going Green

Rey Leon works on sustainability in the city of Huron, California. Sustainability is a common enough word on the California coast, where hybrid cars, organic food, and solar power are …

My Dirty Tsarnaev-Tracking Friday

I Spent All Day At My Computer Clicking “Refresh.” Never Again.

The Saturday before last, after a day-long car chase and shootout of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers had concluded, I woke up with a Twitter/news hangover.

On Friday, I had checked …

Our Ignorant Gas-Price Bliss

No One Wants To Talk About the ‘Crack Spread,’ But That Obscene-Sounding Term Is a Key To Understanding Your Spending At the Pump

Sigh. Everyone wants to talk about gas prices—$4.25 a gallon for regular in L.A. last week. But no one wants to talk about crack spreads. “Crack spread” sounds a bit …

Solar: Not Just For Tinfoil-Hatters Anymore

But Most Of Our Debates About It Miss the Point

Since 2007, California has experienced a solar boom. Photovoltaic panels rest on 107,159 rooftops, as of this writing (the numbers are updated here every Wednesday). Driven by incentives that are …