How to Imagine a Los Angeles Without Traffic

The City Has the Solutions to Congestion, Pollution, and Accidents—We Just Need to Use Them

For the last century, Los Angeles has been expanding its road space far beyond almost any major metropolitan area in history. We have built freeways and roads and parking lots and parking garages. The size of this investment would have been more than enough to create a highly effective urban transportation system.

Instead, Los Angeles is known as a world capital of traffic, a place of extreme mobility challenges and a pollution-choked smog-burger. Low-income communities bear much of the burden of our failures—in worse access to jobs and opportunities, more severe …

Quit Playing Games With Our Health

Can Californians Take COVID Gathering Guidance Seriously If the State Still Plans to Host the Super Bowl?

When is California going to stop playing COVID games?

Your columnist is a devout follower of state public health officials and their guidance. I wear two masks in public settings and …