‘L.A. Times’ Columnist Sandy Banks

Proud to Be a Valley Girl and OK With Being Alone

During 34 years at the Los Angeles Times, Sandy Banks has been a reporter, editor, columnist, editorial writer, and director of the newspaper’s internship program. Before participating in a panel on the future of L.A. newspapers, she talked about a journalism job that was so bad it made covering a murder good, and the most underrated thing about life in the San Fernando Valley in the Zócalo green room.

‘Los Angeles Times’ Reporter Kurt Streeter

Constantly Dreaming of Wimbledon

Kurt Streeter is a reporter at the Los Angeles Times, where has been a feature writer, covered transportation and crime, written a column for the sports section, and currently covers …

Your Local L.A. Newspaper Feels Your Pain

On Keeping Your Ears Open to the Concerns of ‘Regular People,’ Giving the Customers More, and a Newspaper’s Civic Duty

The early 21st century has not been kind to newspapers in Southern California. But in an era of technological change and in a city of great demographic change, what kind …

The News is Dead in L.A. Long Live the News.

If Mainstream News in Los Angeles Is Burning, What Should Rise from the Ashes?

Shriveling advertising revenue, circulation death spirals, rounds of layoffs, bankruptcies—it’s hard to read a story about the newspaper industry in Southern California these days that isn’t a dirge of doom …

Is L.A. News Black and White and Dead All Over?

The Path to Reinventing News in Southern California Is Littered with the Bodies of Good Ideas

The idea had success written all over it.

In 2011, news organizations throughout Southern California were shedding reporters and cutting coverage in the face of faltering finances. Sensing an opportunity to …

‘Los Angeles Times’ Education Editor Beth Shuster

I Don’t Want to Be a Superhero. But If I Could Fly, I Would Most Definitely Avoid LAX.

Beth Shuster is education editor of the Los Angeles Times. Before moderating a panel on the future of school discipline, she named her favorite freeway, explained why her most frequently …