Is there a way to wake up?

​(Jena Osman)

I was supposed to know them, the couple
you named, alerting me they’d gone missing.
(This dream dimmed what all my dreams dim: trouble.
We never bloomed, but we keep dehiscing.)
I was at work, in a meeting, a small,
hot, crowded room. You broke in, insisted
I help. (Though we were speaking not at all.
We never stood, never fell, just listed.)
I was not me, nor you you. (This the dream
lifted from my life: what feels fraught is fraught.
And this: I saw your halt and raised …

There Was That

This canal wasn’t grand but that
didn’t stop you from photographing it
for this was Venice, this was Italy,
Europe, your first time, your honeymoon,
a freight of meaningfulness, like …

Centre County

Pennsylvania is just the sort of place to go
and name something Sheetz, and make a chain of it,
the place I first paid over a dollar a gallon for …

Why Do Birds Fall in Love?

Bickering Hummingbirds and Devoted Albatrosses Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Courtship and Commitment

On Valentine’s Day, our thoughts inevitably turn to the birds and the bees. And as someone who studies birds, I can tell you our feathered friends have much to teach …

I Loved My Wife, But I Wished She Would Die

Brittany Maynard’s Suicide Brought Me Back to the Last Week I Had With My Wife—a Week I’d Give Anything Not to Have Experienced

I occasionally flip my car radio to the right-wing AM station to get my blood pumping and to keep up on what people with a different worldview are thinking. When …


You come at night to say you’re leaving,
have dreamed of freedom for so long.
and more, you love another—old familiar song.
I call for Mother in my grieving,
but, …