The Hotel Sublime

I am the lobby
You are the parrot in the cage

The man named Amanda
gallantly opens the door
for the boa lady. The boa
she wears today snags
the eye–red, gold, jungle
green, and turquoise.
Her father made the boa
out of fallen feathers, so
much did he love birds.

The desk clerk notices the two
of them and pretends not to.
The man named Amanda’s
rent is three months in arrears.
The Hotel Sublime pipes in sea
breeze, a kind of Zoloft (TM)
for the gloomy lobby air,
but the …

I ♥ Life

We passed a man by the side of the highway with two I ♥ Jesus signs that were bigger than cars and we laughed because his deep need …

I Wanted to Tell You that I Loved You

I wanted to tell you that I loved you
So you would let me use your Chapstick
So we could plant a turnip garden
And fight in the Trader Joe’s …

Western Wind

Westron wind, when wilt thou blow?
The small rain down can rain.
Christ, if my love were in my arms,
And I in my bed again.

The Needy

My son has learned there are some girls
to whom you cannot give a kitty and puppy valentine.
Afterward, the attachment becomes obsessive;
a whole week of recesses is ruined.

The People Who Feel No Pain

I let our daughter read a news story about one who walked months
                  on a broken pelvis before she noticed it
crunching inside her like dry leaves. …