I’m a 77-Year-Old Biker Babe

Just Because I'm a Great-Grandmother Doesn't Mean I'm Not a Badass

I’m a 77-year-old Biker Babe—that would be me. And my Biker Boy is no boy— he’s pressing 60 although he doesn’t look it. When I first started riding Harleys about 10 years ago, my children and grandchildren shrugged and said: “Well, that’s it. She’s finally gone crazy.”

So what possessed me? I’m mild-mannered, wear Anne Klein’s designs, and actually read the Los Angeles Times every day.

Here’s how it began. As a member of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s staff, I gave a speech on the state budget at a downtown Los …

Does Dodging Traffic on a Motorcycle Save Lives?

The CHP and DMV No Longer Encourage Lane-Splitting. But Riding Between Cars Makes the Roads Faster—and Safer—for All of Us.

OK, riding a motorcycle is not safe. I know that because I’ve tried to argue otherwise with pretty much every non-rider in my life—my mother, my dad, my wife, my …