Stay Artsy, San Diego

America's Finest City Is a Hotbed for Creativity—but It Needs More Media Coverage of the Arts, Financial Support, and a High-Profile International Event

San Diego is rich in the arts but, to become richer, it needs to take steps such as knitting together existing arts institutions and advancing arts education, said panelists at a Zócalo Public Square event, “Will San Diego Ever Become a Great Art City?” at the Lux Art Institute in Encinitas Saturday evening.

The panel—which was moderated by arts journalist Kinsee Morlan of the Voice of San Diego and included an artist, a museum and urban planner, a public art manager, and a curator—struck an optimistic tone and celebrated the growth …

Don’t Be So Snooty, Small Towns Have Museums and Performing Arts, Too

The Problem Is That Too Many People Feel Unwelcome in Galleries and Theaters

Growing up, my siblings and I were surrounded by art. In our house, jazz and opera were always playing, literature lined the shelves, and the work of local artists hung …

Can Museums Create Common Ground in Diverse Societies?

It Won't Be Easy, but Their Fundamental Missions Are to Broaden Our World Views

The world is in the throes of a terrible refugee crisis, and we are in the middle of a national immigration debate here at home. Both show no signs of …

What Amnesiac California Needs Is a Museum of the Great Recession

The State Invented This Worldwide Downturn, So Why Not Memorialize It?

Californians are bad at remembering things, especially about California.

Our memories are so gone that our politicians, from Gov. Brown on down, can’t stop reminding us that just a few …

How to Infect an Entire City with Art

Rather Than Building a Museum, We Turn Neighborhoods into Galleries

The reception for the Modesto Art Museum’s 2014 architecture movie night was well underway and about 200 people were mingling in the lobby of Modesto’s art deco State Theatre. Everyone …

In Praise of LACMA’s Vulgar Architecture

Demolishing Much of the Existing Museum Is a Big Mistake. It’s More Like a Mall Than the Met—Which Is Why It’s Perfect for L.A.

When Renzo Piano was first approached about designing an addition to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Italian architect hesitated. “As I already told you,” he wrote in …