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A Clinic on a Fresno Bus Helps IV Drug Users Deal With Infections

Dan, age 33, woke up one late summer Saturday in Fresno, California with pain in his left buttock.

Dan is tall, good-looking, and dresses neatly in long shorts, with white socks pulled up, stark white sneakers, and a stylish trucker hat. He has a stoic face and from looking at him I didn’t guess that he was in pain, or that he had an IV drug habit. On the previous Tuesday he’d gone to the jail on a warrant but when the jail’s nurse saw the red abscess—the cause of …

I Had to Go to Finland to Imagine How to Fix Fresno

Fresno's Obsession with Self-Reliance Is Not Helping Its Drug Problems, but Its Volunteer Needle Exchange Is

I grew up Fresno, but I fled as fast as I could. With its agriculturalist roots, the local political culture was narrated through the lens of rugged individualist ideals and …