I’m Happy Sheldon Adelson Wants to Own a Newspaper

The Ensuing Conflicts of Interest May Be Troubling, But It Sure Beats the Alternative

There is good news and bad news to report from the world of those whose business it is to relay the news. The good news is that the family of Sheldon Adelson, the casino-owning billionaire, bought the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the largest daily paper in Nevada, at the end of last year. The bad news, too, is that the Adelsons, who initially sought to hide their controlling interest in the Review-Journal, bought the paper.

The purchase is good news because it’s a vote of confidence in the continuing relevance of metropolitan …

Austin Beutner’s L.A. Times Was a Blast from the Past

The Recently Ousted Publisher Sought to Turn the Paper Into a Political Institution, Which Has Long Been an American Tradition

The most important political campaign in California has died prematurely, and without a proper obituary.

That sad fact speaks volumes about the challenges facing our state’s media. Because the deceased campaign …

How the Mexican-American War Gave Birth to a News-Gathering Institution

The Associated Press Was Built for Speed and Straight Facts

When Alexis de Tocqueville visited the United States during 1831 and 1832, he was struck by the fact that the young republic had no overpowering metropolis, that “the intelligence and …

Why Can’t NBC Call Brian Williams a Liar?

TV News Networks May Be Betting That Viewers Have Simply Grown Accustomed to Exaggeration

Critics and social media commentators have picked apart Matt Lauer’s nine-minute Today Show interview with disgraced news anchor Brian Williams, making much of its “mistakes were made,” less-than-apologetic tone. What …

Zócalo Expands Its Los Angeles Presence

We’re Opening a Satellite Office in Boyle Heights, Launching a Groundbreaking L.A.-Focused Initiative with Metro, and Expanding Our Partnership with L.A.’s Leading NPR Affiliate, KCRW

Zócalo Public Square has built a national profile, syndicating our editorial content to more than 160 media outlets around the country and partnering with global brands including the Smithsonian Institution …

Zócalo Goes National

Announcing Two New Partnerships with Global Brands—the Smithsonian Institution and the J. Paul Getty Trust

Zócalo is proud to announce the launch of significant new partnerships with two major global brands: the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. and the J. …