Keep California’s Last Nuclear Plant Running

A Proposal to Retrofit San Luis Obispo's Diablo Canyon Carries Big Risks—and Big Opportunities

California can claim to be an international leader in energy.

Or California can close its last operating nuclear power plant.

But it can’t do both.

Under a 2018 agreement, Diablo Canyon Power Plant, on the San Luis Obispo County coast, is scheduled to close when its operating licenses expire in 2025. Whether it actually shuts down—a loose coalition of plant employees, heterodox environmentalists, and federal officials seeks to save it—is emerging as a major test for Californians and our stated commitments to transform ourselves in the face of a scary future.

Do we have …

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David Brower, Founder of Friends of the Earth, Spent His Career Negotiating Between Nature and Power

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Nuclear Infant Zombies?

The San Onofre Plant Seems To Be Dead. But Nukes Have a Strange Knack For Revival.

Perhaps the oddest thing about nuclear power’s journey through American history is that we can’t seem to decide whether nukes are dying, being reborn, or walking around as zombies.

On the …