Is the Final Frontier Under the Sea?

Before We Got to the Moon, Americans Made Scientific History Exploring the Ocean Floor

Fabien Cousteau, the eldest grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, just wrapped up an unusually long underwater stay, logging 31 days living and working at the world’s only undersea research station. His month in the Aquarius Reef Base stirred up enthusiasm for the importance—and the thrill!—of marine research, and the need to understand better and protect the world’s oceans.

Aquarius is a school-bus-sized structure equipped like a camper that sleeps six, except this camper is pressurized to match the water pressure outside. That’s why Aquarius can have a Jacuzzi-sized opening …

I’ll Tell You Why They Won’t Find Malaysia Air Flight 370

I’ve Sailed Halfway Around the World—and Few Places Are As Dangerous As the Indian Ocean

Cape Leeuwin represents the southwestern-most point of Australia. Five years ago last month I stood atop its lighthouse, looked at the hostile sea state at the confluence of the Southern …

Don’t Gnash Your Teeth Over Shark Week, Shark Lovers

Yes, Our Chomp-Prone Ocean Friends Get Demonized, But Let’s Take Advantage of Public Interest and Set the Record Straight

When I was a little boy growing up in Pittsburgh, hundreds of miles from the ocean, the only sharks I ever saw were at the aquarium or on my TV. …

Surfboard Shaping Is Back, Dude

The Art of Shaping Survives, In New Forms, After Some Difficulties

I first stood up on a surfboard not long after I learned to walk. But until recently, I’d never shaped my own surfboard, personally molding it and altering its design, …

The Ocean Vs. California

On a Boat Off Santa Barbara, Contemplating How The Coast Has Changed—And Will Again

Melting Greenland ice sheets. Calving glaciers. Fresh water released into a warming ocean that floods great cities and has the potential to kill thousands. The media are full of such …

Maverick’s Surf Point

Unwavering Devotion to the Wave

Zócalo originally published this article on August 4, 2011.

One of the most magical things about the Maverick’s surf point-or perhaps it’s simply the most intriguing-is that you can’t usually see …