The Danger of Too Much Health Care

How Overtesting and Overmedicating Harm Patients and Society

Early in her talk about the importance of giving patients the information they need to make medical decisions, Shannon Brownlee emphasized the relevance of the topic in dramatic fashion.

“How many of you have had an elective surgery?” she asked a full house at an event co-sponsored by Zócalo Public Square and the California HealthCare Foundation, prompting about a third of the crowd to raise their hands.

Brownlee, the acting director of the health policy program at the New America Foundation, defined elective procedures as any in which the patient has a …

How Can We Be Better Patients?

Exploring How We Can Help Ourselves in the Doctor’s Office

Too often, patients don’t take an active role in their health care, leaving decisions up to their doctors in the mistaken belief that “doctor knows best.” This troubling trend is …

Health Care Can Make You Sick

Angelenos Get Plenty of Medical Attention - That's the Problem

Shannon Brownlee will visit Zócalo July 6th to discuss the question “How Can We Take Charge of Our Health?“

Los Angeles doctors are plentiful, and Angelenos have some of the highest …