A Warning From the Bumpy Road to Mandalay

To Steer Clear of Economic Woes, the U.S. Needs Infrastructure Repairs

America’s infrastructure is headed down a bumpy road, and unless the country takes drastic action to fix its ailing transport, water, and other infrastructure systems, it might well wind up with the types of struggles I’ve witnessed recently in Myanmar.

I am here in Myanmar teaching an international business class. After the gloom and doom of the rancorous U.S. election, spending winter break in a beautiful place where everyone is looking towards a brighter future is refreshing. At UCLA Anderson, we offer these classes to our MBA students as …

How a Trump Economy Could Make Singapore Great Again

Restrictive Policies on Trade and Immigration May Shift Innovation to the East—and It May Never Come Back

Did the presidential election change the Pacific Rim as we know it?

During these days of transition speculation, there is plenty of talk about what president-elect Donald Trump’s victory means for …

Why Mongolia and North Dakota Aren’t Economic Miracles

Resource-Rich Regions Are Like Horse Milk—They Taste Strong Before Quickly Going Sour

Where does an economist who works in the Pacific Rim go on vacation? This summer, I chose Mongolia, and not only because it is remote, interesting, a bit exotic, and …