A California Painter Laments the Drying Landscape

As the Drought Rages on, an Artist Struggles to Find Inspiration Among Shriveled Poppies and Ankle-Deep Rivers

As an outdoor landscape and seascape painter, I’m used to seeing places change over the years. I painted a stately cottonwood tree on an Owens Valley country lane in the fall of 2010, its golden crown contrasting dramatically with a cerulean blue sky. A recent trip found it vanished, the victim of a brush fire.

A traveling painter learns to seize the moment with pigment and brush, because it may not look the same on the next visit, or even an hour from now. Old, charming buildings are torn down …

A Dutch Master’s Lessons in How to Love Again

Johannes Vermeer Showed Me What Intimacy Really Looks Like

Ten years ago, I had a life-changing experience with art. I’d been going through a vicious divorce that year, struggling with depression, and frankly was not doing well in any …

Barbershop Confessions

People Talk About Their Families, Love Lives, and Jobs in the Barber’s Chair. I Paint Them.

Life is better when you get a haircut, especially a good one. The moment you take a seat, you can give yourself over to the hairdresser or barber. I am …

David Hockney in the Promised Land

How L.A. Made a (Green) Mark on the Artist

“There’s too much green here,” my friend said as we entered a gallery at the de Young Museum last month. I had flown up to San Francisco to see an …

Is That An Art Exhibition In Your Ear?

Most Gallery Openings Involve Talking To Friends and Ignoring the Art. But Not If the Exhibit Is Embedded In My Pinna.

It’s a stymying truth that a large percentage of people attending an art opening don’t see any art. Like showing up for roll call and sneaking out of the classroom …

Coming Home Again to Make Art

When Husband-and-Wife Artists Went Back to Tulare County, They Discovered a Different Place

Can two artists, husband and wife, make a career and a life together in Tulare County?

We grew up together in the town of Dinuba, right in the middle of this …