My Son’s Favorite Internet Game Replicates the Paranoia Playing Out in California

Among Us Captures This Awful Moment of COVID-19 and Gubernatorial Recall

One recent night, I told my middle child, 10, to get his off iPad. Screen time was over. A few minutes later, he handed me and each of his brothers a different small piece of paper, folded over to obscure what he had written on it.

“This is who you are,” he told me.

“The Impostor,” my paper read.

My son was not questioning my sincerity or his paternity. He was trying to reproduce, with paper and pencil, an internet game that he and millions of others started playing obsessively during the …

America, We Russians Thank You for Your Paranoia

All the Talk of Kremlin Meddling in U.S. Elections Means We Still Matter!

Here in Russia, we’re watching with bewilderment as our country is dragged into the U.S. presidential campaign.

The allegations that the Russian government has been plotting to interfere with America’s …