Your Life Doesn’t Have to Be Completely Insane

A Few Cultural and Policy Changes That Could Ease Americans’ Time Crunch

You’ve probably seen that “Poolside” Cadillac commercial, which debuted during the Sochi Olympics, where a dad looks over his infinity pool and notes, “Other countries—they work, stroll home, stop by the café, take August off.” High-fiving his kid and handing a newspaper to his wife, he tells us why “we” aren’t like that: “Because we’re crazy-driven, hard-working believers, that’s why.” The ad was meant to provoke, but it also illustrates how Americans work hard, play hard, and still expect a warm family and manicured yard as part of living the …

Seize the Moment to Change Your Kid’s School!

For a Few More Weeks, California Educators Are Required to Listen to Parents As Districts Plan for the Future

If you’ve ever wanted a chance to tell the people running your local school district how to do their jobs better, now is your moment.

The state of California has a …

I Don’t Breast-Feed to Make My Son Smarter or Healthier

Our Obsession With Mother’s Milk Is Mostly About the Hype. I’ve Chosen To Make Nursing My Son About the Pleasure.

When my son was five weeks old, I found myself sitting on the floor of a room filled with cushions and yoga balls, holding him in my arms while exposing …

Mortified—and Forever Cheered On—by Mom

She was Facebook Before it Existed, Stiff-Upper-Lipped, and My Biggest Supporter

No one can mortify you like your mother. Growing up in northern Mexico with an American mother, I had extra reason to be mortified. Mom was just so—how to put …

My Kid Has Autism. Now What?

We’ve Come A Long Way in Educating Kids With Autism, But That Doesn't Mean It's Easy

Autism education has come a long way in the past few decades, but diagnosing children with autism, figuring out how best to teach them, and raising awareness among students, parents, …

How My Son’s Autism Education Educated Me

My 6-Year-Old Has to Be Taught Language, Play, and Social Skills. To Get Him the Help He Needs, I’ve Had to Learn New Skills, Too.


The kindergartners stop what they are doing.

“Now, everybody stomp your feet!” The children oblige and watch carefully for their teacher’s next command.

“Everybody freeze again!”

“Good,” she compliments them. Her …